Why BCM Didgisol (Pty) Ltd

BCM Didgisol is UNIQUE and DISTINCTIVE from other similar companies, as we see our prospective clients as partners. We want to grow with you, establishing a relationship based on trust and confidence.

Trust that we can and will deliver on promises made, and have confidence that we have a solid understanding of our customer’s needs, to which all our existing customers can attest.

Our Vision and Mission


• Put a human face on our operations and continually enhance confidence in our products and services.

• Provide value to customers through useful products, engineered to exceptional standards.

• Build a company that has a lasting impact on the people that come into contact with us.

Our Values

• Passion

• Professionalism

• Respect

BCM Didgisol is committed to assisting with the social empowerment of the people of Limpopo and to cultivate the expertise needed within our company to compete in a world-class environment.

Dealer of the year.

The Limpopo Province is known for the Big 5 five, the 6th one is most certainly BCM Didgisol a company that is known for their innovative and unique solutions they bring to the Industry, or as we like to say “We bring the Thunder” and indeed that’s exactly what we DO.


BCM Didgisol was recently presented with the prestigious and hotly contested Ricoh South Africa Best Business Partner of The Year Award in Cape Town, along with three other top awards:

  • Best Office Machines for the year.
  • Best Software Sales for the year.
  • Best Production Sales for the year.